Words that gather are clouds that need to pour itself to feel lighter, brighter…

After the Pandemic pause last year, I resume my Podcasts with a special tribute to Maa, Susmita Dasgupta. Be a part of this real, raw, journey with me. Let’s hold on and pray strong.

Stories need to be told to ears that hear from the heart.
Let’s Podcast.
And Together.

S4 Ep1: To KK with love [TTCL]

My tribute to my friend KK who had always been different. A star without that halo of pride.  Your humility, simplicity, warmth and affection was overwhelming.  Never did I imagine I will…


S3 Ep14: Last Episode [TTCL]

Let us keep expressing and pouring our hearts out. But as the season of festivities begin, we conclude this season of my podcast with the last episode of Tarader Thhikanay Chhithhi Lekho.


S3 Ep11: Lighten up [TTCL]

Writing releases our stress and helps us to heal. Share the burden, the sorrow and make it a brighter tomorrow. Email me the Letter to Your Star and make my podcast, yours too!


S3 Ep6: Cheer up! [TTCL]

Loss isn't easy to handle but we get tougher with time. Andreas Nathaniel War from Shillong shares his heart and voices his letter for his 'Paa', the Star shining above.